Structural Glass Research and Testing Facility (SGRT) at IIT Madras aims to provide vast knowledge and awareness on Architectural Glass, Glazing, and associated materials for students, professionals, and industry. Encouraging more students to have short and long-term internship programs. Organizing various site visits, plant visits, and mini projects on glass buildings for the tong minds to understand the modern Indian glazed building.

  • 2023
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    ▪ Prof Tar Thai with prof S Arul Jayachandran visited SGRT on 12.09.2022.
    ▪ Prof Arun Menon with his students visited SGRT for training on Glass types and its different testing facilities on 11.08.2022.
    ▪ Trainees from Nagaland visited SGRT on 15.06.2022.
    ▪ SGRT Team and GSI visited Winwall’s Testing facility on 04.05.2022.
    ▪ Students from Kerala visited SGRT on 22.04.2022.
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    ▪ GIZ project head and team with GSI visited SGRT on 28.12.2021.
    ▪ CSIR-CECRI Scientists visited SGRT on 13.12.2021.
    ▪ Prof Rupen Goswami and Prof C V R Murthy visited SGRT on 03.12.2021.
    ▪ Ms Sneha and Mr Prakash from L & T visited SGRT on 22.11.2021.
    ▪ Ar Deepashree & Deputy General Manager, Mr S. Roopesh from L & T visited SGRT on 17.11.2021.
    ▪ CSIR- SERC scientists – Mr Saravanan and Mr Surender visited SGRT on 08.09.2021.
  • 2018
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    ▪ Visit by Prof T Matsumoto and Dr A Ravankar, Hokkaido University on 30.01.2018.
    ▪ Mr Vivek Buch, Technical Head and Mr Chirag Patel, Technical support visited SGRT on 05.01.2018.
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    ▪ Visit by Er Sonam Wangchuk, Magsaysay Award winner, 2018 on 17.08.2017.
    ▪ Internship for students from 13.06.2017 to 13.07.2017.
    ▪ Ms Federica Greco from Getty Conservation Institute USA visited SGRT on 09.06.2017.
    ▪ Visitors from CEPT University visited SGRT ON 31.03.2017.
    ▪ SGRT had visitors from Geological Department, IIT-M.
    ▪ Scientists from CSIR-CGCRI, Kolkata visited SGRT on 04.03.2017.
    ▪ Mr Sivaram from International Finance Corporation visited SGRT on 20.02.2017.
    ▪ Engineers from L & T visited SGRT on 31.01.2017.
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    ▪ Director from CEPT University, Ahmedabad visited SGRT on 26.12.2016.
    ▪ Visitors of Prof Amalan Kumar Sengupta visited SGRT on 23.12.2016.
    ▪ Visitors of Prof Arun Menon visited SGRT on 08.12.2016.
    ▪ Prof Leroy Gardner from Imperial college of London visited SGRT on 29.11.2016.
    ▪ Engineers from Archaeological department, Chennai visited SGRT on 07.10.2016.
    ▪ Conducted a Seminar on ‘Design and challenges in glass facades in buildings’ – Sustainability in Safety and Energy Performance on 29.09.2016.
    ▪ Mr Bharat, Velox Ingenium, Hyderabad visisted SGRT on 15.09.2016.
    ▪ Visitors from GSI visited on 13.09.2016.
    ▪ Dr K Muraleedharan, Director, CSIR-CGCRI, Kolkata visited on 12.09.2016.
    ▪ M Tech students from Thiruvananthapuram visited SGRT on 08.08.2016.
    ▪ Internship provided for students from Mar Athanasius College of Engineering, Kerala on 27.07.2016.
    ▪ Scientists from CSIR-CGCRI, Kolkata visited SGRT on 27.07.2016.
    ▪ Mr Dave Lee, Market Development Manager – Asia Pacific and team, Eastman visited SGRT on 15.07.2016.
    ▪ SGRT had visitors from MERO Asia Pacific Ltd on 30.06.2016.
    ▪ Prof Arun Menon and his team visited SGRT on 05.04.2016.
    ▪ SGRT team and GSI team participated in the Fensterbau Frontale 2016 from 25.02.2016 to 27.02.2016.
    ▪ Mr Shyambilas Mishra, Head- Process Development, System & Technical Support, AIS Ltd visited SGRT on 12.02.2016.
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    ▪ Mr Julian Mcinerney, Director of the UK Awarding Body – Glass Sector, The vocational College visited on 06.11.2015.
    ▪ Mrs Bini T I,D G M – Civil, Cochin International Airport Limited, Mr Robin C Johny, Senior Consultant, KITCO Ltd and Mr Ramesh Kommana, Director, Satya Surya Aluminium Industries visited on 30.10.2015.
    ▪ Ar Pradeep Varma, Principal Architect, Varsha and Pradeep Architects visited on 30.09.2015.
    ▪ B Tech students, scholars and PhD students from structural engineering department visited TPRS Enterprises Pvt Ltd, Puducherry on 19.09.2015 to understand the architectural glass processing.
    ▪ Delegation from GSI Members led by Mr Rupinder Shelly, Treasurer visited on 11.09.2015.
    ▪ Mr Y P Sinngh, President – India, Fenesta Building Systems & Convener – Windows Committee, GSI and Founder President, UWDMA (uPVC Windows and Doors Manufacturers Association) visited on 11.06.2015.
    ▪ Mr Srinivas Rao Manne, A G M, (Engg-Civil), Mr Murali Krishna, Manager (Engg-Civil) and team, Airport Authority of India, Tirupati Airport visited on 14.05.2015.
    ▪ Mr V B Sud, Country Head, Eastman India Pvt ltd visited on 29.04.2015.
    ▪ Mr Sharma, L & T visited SGRT on 22.04.2015.
    ▪ Mr Chandramouli, DGM Engg Civil, Airport Authority of India, Vizag Airport visited on 10.04.2015.
    ▪ Dr Winfried Heusler, Senior Vice President, Corporate Building Excellence, Schuco International KG visited SGRT on 09.04.2015.
    ▪ Mr V L N Sastry, AGM Engg Civil, Airport Authority of India, Vizag Airport visited on 09.04.2015.